CEDRD Supervision

What they are saying about Megan

"Megan was such a voice of wisdom when she was my supervisor. I knew I could come to her and bounce ideas off her and she would always have creative approaches to try with clients. She was also great at validating my own interventions and was the support I needed especially with clients who presented with special challenges. Thanks to Megan's help, I became confident in making my own treatment decisions with clients and programmatic decisions. Thanks, Megan!"

Lauren Anton, MS, RD, CEDRD, CPT

"Megan went above and beyond as a supervisor and became a mentor. I'm grateful for her guidance of both my clinical work as an RD and my professional career as a whole. She listened and provided feedback without criticizing and offered insights with nonjudgmental curiosity and a wealth of experience. It was also very convenient to arrange meetings remotely.

Truly thank you for this experience"

Janelle Smith MS, RDN

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Highlights of Supervision Services

Supervision guidelines are set for each professional in order to meet your specific needs, and to ensure that upon completion your goals have been met. Whether you are hoping to complete the iaedp™ CEDRD certification, gain advanced knowledge for working with mental health, eating disorders, addiction or taking on a management or leadership role, Megan will ensure that you feel equipped to step into the field with confidence and expertise to set you up for success!

Services Include:

  • Expertise working at all levels of care: IOP through IP/Acute/Detox Services, catering services, on-site food service, compliance verification (HIPAA, JCAHO, OSHA)
  • Approved CDR CPE provider - all group supervision sessions are worth 1 CPE
  • Support with private practice, professional speaking and other areas of business development
  • Goal Setting – Identify current areas of superior understanding and areas in which more information, training, and/or experience is needed.
  • Case Study completion and review to help identify treatment practices, successes, struggles and to develop critical discussion points that will help improve client engagement and care practices.
  • Review and discussion of landmark and emerging studies in the field of eating disorders, mental health and addiction treatment.
  • Review and discussion regarding emerging trends within the nutrition industry and how those may impact your work.
  • Support with self-care and setting boundaries
  • Quarterly webinar topics can be found listed on the MAK Nutrition website
  • All supervision services include support with the CEDRD process through iaedp™ with over 15 supervisees certified!

For an example of some of the goals that you might have when working with Megan, see the attached Goal Setting document used for the CEDRD certification.

Details regarding the requirements of the CEDRD credential can be found at http://www.iaedp.com/certification-overview/

Supervision Pricing

Individual Sessions

$160 - ONE Individual Session
$450 - THREE Individual Sessions

Monthly Memberships

$450 - THREE month package
ONE Individual Session Per Month
  • + 3 group supervisions ($195 value)1
  • +1 webinar ($25 value)
  • Includes 7 CEU hours2
$850 - THREE month package
TWO Individual Sessions Per Month
  • + 3 group supervisions ($195 value)1
  • +1 webinar ($25 value)
  • Includes 10 CEU hours

Group Supervision Sessions

  • $65 per group session - offered monthly, dates vary
  • Limited to FIVE attendees
  • Regstration is on a first come, first serve basis
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